'Lost Magic: The Very Best of Brian Moses' is published in hardback on Sept 8th.

It contains over 100 of my personal favourite poems including 'Walking With My Iguana', 'The Ssssnake Hotel', 'Shopping Trolley', 'What Teachers Wear In Bed', 'Cakes in the Staffroom', 'Lost Magic', 'Billy's Coming Back' and 'A Feather From an Angel'.

It also contains 20 new poems plus ' Return to the Ssssnake Hotel'. The cover is by the wonderful Ed Boxall.

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DREAMER: Saving Our Wild World.

I dreamt I was a whale and no hunters chased after me...
I dreamt I was a rainforest and no one felled a single tree...

One child dreams of a world where wild creatures are safe and free to roam, where water is clean and air is pure.

This inspirational picture book is a call to all of us to stand up for the future of our planet and help to save our WILD WORLD.

Written by a top performance poet in lyrical, atmospheric language that will capture children’s imaginations A book to inspire young children to think about big issues such as conservation, poverty and fairness in our worldIncludes a selection fo resources to fruther encourage discussion and activities, at home and at school Beautifully illustrated with Bee Willey’s unique style of acrylics and collage.


Read an interview with Bee Willey, SCBWI's featured illustrator May 2016




(A Seaside Childhood in the 1950s)

Brian’s childhood autobiography for children. Read how different life was when Brian was a child. Pre-publication copies now available from



Full launch in March 2016.

“Paradise Street in our town was a street you didn’t go down. All the boys I was warned not to play with lived on Paradise Street. All the boys who swore, who wore scars like fashion accessories, who didn’t need a reason to beat you up or knock you down, they all lived on Paradise Street. I ask you, who in their right mind would call somewhere Paradise Street?”


Brian's poem 'Walking With My Iguana' was the poem that was
listened to the most on the Poetry Archive during 2015.
He beat off competition from... Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin and
T.S.Eliot to win by a huge margin.
Listen to "Walking with my iguana" HERE

Brians book 'The Monster Sale' (Frances Lincoln)

Has won the Poetry category of the 2014 Sheffield Children's Book Awards.
This is an award that is judged by children so.... a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me.

Brian Moses performs "Billy is Coming Back"


Did you know?

Brian Moses now lives in the Sussex village of Burwash where the famous writer Rudyard Kipling once lived?

Did you know?

Brian kept chickens for 9 years.
His favourite one was called, Boadicea Warrior Chicken

Did you know?

Brian's poem 'Walking with my Iguana' is one of the most often performed poems in schools?