‘EL TAZAR’ by Tom Copinger-Symes(Ludgrove School, Wokingham)

Tamalain by Ben (St. Francis School, Pewsey)

My Secret : by Sophie - Ashdown Primary School

The Rabbit at Pets at : By Phoebe Aldred (Newton Flotman Primary)

Once I Was : By Natalie (Aslacton Primary School)

I am the Terrific tiger By Ellie Binnie (Canford Heath Junior School)

Sepopards In the House of Life By Charlie Luxmoore Year 4

My forgotten Heart  (WW1) by Ben Du Plessis

IT by Angus Timmons

Remember my name is Essius Lunari by Chloe Mastin

The Mourning by Erin Vaughan, 11

I am Theuseus by Matthew

My Super Snail by Josh Brooker

The Poem of Eragon by Ethan

That Zoo by Liam Brooks

The Single Butterfly by Stephanie Towler
To see Matilda by Amelia Wigley




‘EL TAZAR’ by Tom Copinger-Symes(Ludgrove School, Wokingham)


I have been the wind 

rushing through the top mast on a ship,

sailing on the trade winds by the Letter of Marque,

whistling along with the chorus of sailors on her deck.


I have been each and every element,

raging against rock as water, 

burning timber as fire, 

howling at Welshman cutting through mountains as wind, 

sprouting trees as the earth.

I have been the shoes of a great runner on a track 

shining against the flash lights,

taking the applause from the joyous spectators.


I have been the flint to be struck by stone 

To create a spark for a man to create a fire to warm his family.

I will be there to catch you, dying, before you hit the floor

To bring you to a heaven or to dispose of you to eternal punishment in hell.


I shall guide your kin to a planet anew for them to prosper and live 

Then sprout a new family and take on your name.

I shall be the hand to guide you in battle against an undefeatable enemy 

To help you drive the hilt of your sword into their chest.


I will then go and be gone into an animal, a ferocious beast 

You shall slay but keep alive for ever in your care.

I know how to preserve the crop of any harvest for your children to eat in a famine.

I know why the sun goes down deep into the sea 

When its nemesis the moon comes out to shine.

I know where the waters from the ice trickle to on their eternal journey.


I have been the shock in a man’s eyes as his neck snaps on the end of a rope misjudged by the executioner,

Gasping for his last breaths doing a dance to the devil.

I have been the water cascading down onto rooftops from the sky above them 

Gushing into gutters to provide entertainment to a school boy.


I have been on the soils of Atlantis gazing in awe at the sky bruising turning mauve.

I have been the salt sowed into the ground by roman legions at Carthage.


I am the skimming stone of eternity,

The sand on a burning shore,

The dust on a cobweb. 

I have been called by many names,

Been a prophet of the Messiah. 

I will create ripples on the water

Take my part in history

I have been

I shall be

I am El Tazar.






Tamalain by Ben (St. Francis School, Pewsey)

I am a cup of purest jade,

Who was held in the hand of the great Tamalain,

And I shall now tell you a story of rise and of fall;

From the clashes of battle enter the war tent of Tamalain,

The man who conquered from Persia to far Cathay,

And who turned the Oxus and the Indus red,

While spreading terror like a cancerous tumour around the Caspian Sea;

And as his conquests now lay finished around him,

He turned to hacking at his people to make his capital,


Around it he lay many ribbons of wall each taller than the last,

Fearing a second ‘he’,

He began to grow old and withered,

His city rose to a golden age,

To match every city of the world that had ever been;

So when he declined from beyond life,

And others grew corrupted in their rule,

His empire fell like a plate to shatter on floor of destiny,

And fracture into a thousand pieces

I was incarcerated in his black tomb,

To wail the sorrows of my empire,

At the crossroads of the world.


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My Secret by Sophie - Ashdown Primary School


My secret fountained out from the middle of the sun and landed on earth where I caught it with my golden gloves on

It was passed onto me by the God's of Egypt 

My secret is made from the footsteps of a fairy 

I keep it in a secret box in Eternia which a dragon with golden scales guards 

If it escaped it would spread lots of money to the people who are poor.


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The Rabbit at Pets at Home By Phoebe Aldred (Newton Flotman Primary)


I've never had a pet, but….
I remember the baby rabbits
At Pets at Home.
One stood out
It was jet black.
I remember its tiny, twitching nose,
Its small puffy paws,
Its lovely leap.
I remember its deep brown eyes -
not black like all the others.
It was unique, different, perfect.
It was not the same in any way.
I remember when I went back -
A terrible mistake.
My little black rabbit was gone.
It was bought,
It was owned.
Not owned by me.
It had a look of magic.
A magic that kept it in my head.


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Once I Was By Natalie (Aslacton Primary School)

Once I was the gloomy night,
The mystery of the dawn and dusk,
A shadow that lurks round every corner,
The eye of spirits that give out a cry.

Once I was a rocky volcano
That huffs and puffs with anger,
With lava that burns through anything,
Clouds of ash that get shot up high.

Once I was a delicate star
That shines on through the night,
Making constellations for you and me to see
That are beautiful and they glow.

Once I was a drop of rain
That shimmers against the sun,
A perfect drop of dampness
That when it freezes it turns into a flake of snow.

But now I am the meaning of the world
That gives life to all the land,
A place that everyone can enjoy
That has history and beauty.


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I am the Terrific tiger By Ellie Binnie (Canford Heath Junior School)

I am the terrific tiger

I don’t hunt like ordinary tigers,

I get my three meals delivered by a butler.

My skin is not black or orange,

It is yellow, red and blue in the style of bright stars.

I don’t laze like the normal lot,

I stay up all night rocking.

I don’t avoid learning about the earth,

(See even clever tigers won’t know about the earth.)

I’m not unhygienic by licking my body clean,

I bought myself a bath to clean my perfectly pampered fur.

What’s the point of purring,

When you have the skill to talk.

I don’t sleep on the cold, hard floor,

I sleep on a bed of silk.

I don’t stand confused of time,

I bought an Apple watch.

I don’t run scared of lions,

I simply run to attack.

I don’t eat of the floor,

I eat from a glass that once was filled with wine.


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Sepopards In the House of Life
By Charlie Luxmoore Year 4

You could tell the Sepopards had come,

Venom was splattered on the marble floors,

Set had sent them to the House of Life,

Destruction was their aim,

If you decided to look there,

You would see smashed houses in piles of rubble,

You would hear the distinct echo of wailing Gods and Goddesses,

You would smell fresh blood pouring across the gruesome but once pretty streets,

You would find devoured bodies scattered along the crumbling pavement,

Set, the evil God of chaos was nowhere to be seen,

He caused so much fear and panic, 

Even the Duat shook,

Closing the opened portals,

You would discover that the Hall of Life was empty,

You would notice cracks in the cobblestone roads,

You would come across a window thrown onto the colossal pile of rubble,

You would touch a body, out of curiosity and you too, would fall…  


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My forgotten Heart  (WW1) by 
Ben Du Plessis

See me, my beauty forgotten, like an old tin of peaches, sitting all alone in the cupboard corner.

My sight, old and lost, like a dream long gone.

And my flesh, oh my flesh, gone, over the rainbow of time.

But my spirit never falters. This bubble never pops. 

If there’s anything remaining,  my spirit survives.

But alas, although my spirit survives, my body will never come home.


Propped up against an old dead oak, in a field in France,

Where cows chew cud and grumble.

Spiders live in-between my mouldy ribs,

Old slugs find a graveyard in my eyes. 

In my dead body, there’s a hole. 

Murders of crows wonder what’s missing.

Only I know.

My heart.


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IT by Angus Timmons

Every moonless night in the field,

Weaned to thrice a century,

IT appears.

The thing once again enters our world for fear,

The creature born from lies and dark,

IT appears.

The horse is black with deep red burning eyes,

Swirling balls of flame and on its back,

IT appears.

The mare’s black top seats the demon of hell,

In the fields of the graves of warriors and their steeds,

IT appears.

The horseman’s head faded away in years of the past, though his brow still houses,

A bronze and ruby crown, his armour invincible to any mortal blades, in that field,

IT appears.

His sword, black and gold, forged long ago by immortal instruments,

Can slice through any material known to human man and holding it’s hilt,

IT appears.

Those that ask it no questions are not told its lies,

Thrice a century in that dark field,

IT appears…


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Remember my name is Essius Lunari by Chloe Mastin

I was made from the ruby and snow white of the roses,
From the navy ink of a story with infinite chapters,
From the river which is as clear as a diamond,
From the wishing well smeared in overgrowth.

I was made by a smile taking form on a face,

By a twinkle from the North Star standing in the midnight sky,

By the glimmering of a title from a finally published book,

By the flash of a blinding solar eclipse.

I was made for a great poet’s new poem,

For someone’s best friend,

For the dusk of a memorable evening,

For a wish of the rainbow.

I was made to write my own destiny,

To hold a quill pen,

To find a new fate,

Remember my name – Essius Lunari.


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The Mourning by Erin Vaughan, 11 years

As I stand silently there at your grave, I wonder what did you suffer, hear and observe, and I grieve for you.

The bullet must have been like a jack in the box, always surprising whoever you are, and I grieve for you.

When you died you could have been cold, confused and I would not have been there to nurture you, and I grieve for you.

Yet the poppies had grown for you in honour and strength, they looked after your body when no one else would,
as the wind did howling high in the sky, and I grieve for you.

When the soldiers came home, I waited, and still to this day I am waiting, and I mourn for you - forever.


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I am Theuseus by Matthew

I know that time is universal.

I know the evolution of man is ending in a third dimension of life.

I know that nature if at balance but it can turn at any moment.

I know that heaven and earth are one.

I know that in the war the strong of heart brought hope to the world.

I know that even the deadly criminals have kindness in their soul.

I know the bird chirp on a summer day when they are at peace.

I know that the extreme weather of Antarctica can’t harm the heart of those kind and polite.

I have been the light of God in a grand cathedral.

I have been a falcon seizing my prey.

I have been a castle wall protecting a powerful king.

I have been a bomb landing in a neutral town.

I have been to the deepest parts of the sea.

I have been the city where civilization started.

I have been to every planet in the Milky Way galaxy.

I have been killed but I have come back.

I am Theuseus.


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My Super Snail by Josh Brooker

My super snail is as big as sixteen Empire State buildings,

and as fast as a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport with nitrous and rocket boosters.

My super snail can be as noisy as a lion with a loudspeaker,

and as strong as a mammoth lifting ten ton weights.

My super snail smells like an overloaded sewage pipe,

and it eats anything healthy and only drinks coke.

My super snail has razor sharp teeth which can be retracted and extended,

it has bullet – proof armour on its legs, head, shell and chest.

My super snail is not afraid of anything and can turn you inside out in minutes,

it can also fly around the world and not get tired.

I’d love to show you this freak of nature but I took it out of it’s cage and I cannot get it back in.


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The Poem of Eragon by Ethan

I am Eragon,

I know why the rocks from the sky strike.

I know where the shooting stars go at night.

I know when the rain and snow comes.

I know how the world began and when the world will end.

I know what created the sea and sky.

I know who was the mysterious person who created the sun, earth and moon.

I have been the first animal of earth,

I have been the crown on the queen’s head,

I have been the falling rock from the sky that killed the first lizards’ of earth,

I have been the first plant of the world.

I have been up the stairs of heaven and I have slid down the slide to hell,

I have been thrown down the cliff of Tardres,

I have been down to the core of the earth.

I have been killed by ferocious dragons;

I have been brought back alive by the seed of life.

I am Eragon


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That Zoo
by Liam Brooks

That crocodile had a vile grin that said, "would you like to come a bit closer?"
That elephant had depressed eyes that said, "do you have any food for me?"
That monkey had a mischievous look that said, "I am the ultimate prankster around here."
That hippopotamus had a mouth that said, "I'm bored….fancy a swim?"
That penguin had a feathery tuxedo that said, 'I'm too smart to be here."
That snake had a forked tongue that said, "that mouse was delicious."
That lion had a glamorous mane that said, "I am truly the star of the show."


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The Single Butterfly by Stephanie Towler

You are the single butterfly in a vast meadow, the spitting rain in a crowded city.
You are the pollen resting neatly on a tulip and the drying mud on a country lane.
You are the blue dragonfly, laying its tiny eggs in the murky water.

However, you are not the newborn calf moaning for its mother.
You are certainly not the stormy sea rising high above the people.
You are not the dirty shoes lying in the hall.
You are most definitely not the only egg abandoned in the nest of twigs.

It is possible that you are the single white horse, or perhaps you are the last leaf on the lonely tree.
Maybe you are one of the many stars in the huge sky.
You could be the thick smoke rising from the chimney.

It might interest you to know that I am a shimmering snowflake, or a massive mound of deep snow.
I am a big slab of ice waiting to be stood on and a bird fluffing its feathers to keep warm.

I am also the crisp autumn leaves and wispy white clouds.
But don’t worry, I am not the single butterfly.
you are still the single butterfly.
You will always be the single butterfly, not to mention the spitting rain and somehow the pollen.

(After the poem 'Litany' by Billy Collins)


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To see Matilda by Amelia Wigley

It began, I think, months before.

I was told it was booked.

It was a once in a lifetime experience, Sitting in that taxi, blood rushing through my veins.

Walking in that queue, up those steps.


It was a dream, waiting, staring at that stage.

I felt, well, like a princess.

It was a flash, it starting.

It was so real.

The songs pounded by, Lighting the story like candles.

And, for one magical moment, I looked into Matilda’s Eyes.

That wisdom, of a child actress, filled her eyes, And the moment.

Just one, but it will last forever.

That day, all of it will.

And I, I think that life should be full of moments like That.

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Did you know?

Brian now lives in the Sussex village of Burwash where the famous writer Rudyard Kipling once lived?

Did you know?

Brian kept chickens for 9 years. His favourite one was called, Boadicea Warrior Chicken.

Did you know?

Brian's poem 'Walking with my Iguana' is one of the most often performed poems in schools?