This Summer & Autumn terms in 2019, Brian is taking bookings
for 2 themed day visits to tie in with 2 special anniversaries.

1. SPACE DAYS - July 21st is the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. This will also tie in with the publication of a new anthology of space poetry - Spaced Out'  co-edited by Brian Moses & James Carter and published by Bloomsbury.

2. WW11 DAYS - September 3rd is the 80th anniversary of the start of World War 11. These days will be linked to the WW11 section in 'What Are We Fighting For?' - Poems About War, written by Brian Moses & Roger Stevens & published by Macmillan.

Brian can also run themed days that link in with Romans, Vikings and WW1.

Booking details on the contacts page of the website.

Brian Moses is available for the following activities in schools:

Rhyme, Rhythm & Rap: The Poetry and Percussion Show:

These are presentations to the whole school, or to infants and juniors separately, in an attempt to show that poetry isn’t something that just sits on the page. Rather, it can be brought to life using a variety of voices, movements and percussion instruments. Sessions usually last for one hour.

Writing Workshops:

Workshops last an hour (half an hour at KS1) and involve single classes, a year group, or a class size group of able writers in writing their own poems. Follow-up sheets are available. The Work of a Writer: Talks to pupils about what a writer does, how a book is produced (with examples), plus questions and answers.

Family Writing Evenings:

These sessions last for about an hour and a half. Parents and children are invited to listen to poems, to learn a little bit about how poetry is taught today, and to have a go at writing themselves. Emphasis is placed on treating children as young writers and on refuting the notion that all poetry has to rhyme. Above all, these should be fun evenings with families sharing a memory and then expressing their thoughts and feelings in words.

Writers’ Trails:

Developing a trail around school grounds so that children may be taken out to points along the trail and write on location. Alternatively trails can be set up around castles and other ancient monuments. (Brian has set up a permanent trail around Castle Cornet on Guernsey and trails along Southend and Hastings seafronts.)

Inset Days:

Ideas for imaginative writing, making the strategy ‘fun’ for pupils and teachers, performance poetry, location writing.

Able Writers’ Days

(In conjunction with Authors Abroad) taking six of your ablest writers and joining together with able writers from five other schools to stretch these children’s imaginations with a day of challenging writing activities.

(Full details of this scheme available on request.)

(In 2007, Brian was invited by Prince Charles to talk about able writers at his summer school for teachers at Cambridge University.)


International Schools:

Brian makes regular visits to international schools in Europe and has visited schools in Rome, Milan, Luxembourg, Munich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, Reykjavik, Madrid, Cordoba, Paris, Brussels & Dublin.

Spooky Weekends:

Brian, along with the poet Wes Magee, runs spooky weekends for young writers. They recently ran events at Hellens House, near Ledbury, at the Carnegie Theatre, Dunfermline and in a 14th Century Manor House on the Isle of Wight.

If you are interested in any of the above contact Brian


(Lucy Waterhouse, Canford Junior School, Poole)

“Can I just say a huge thank you for the visit to our school. I have never had so many parents contact the school to say that their children have loved a visit so much. You really did shake the whole school awake - they loved it! “

(Jo Greenock-Evans)

Whilst my son Frank (Evans) was at Pickhurst infants Brian visited one afternoon and filled the hall with music and laughter, it was a very enjoyable afternoon and a great success.

(Serena Beasley, Assistant Head, Meath Green Juniors School, Horley)

“I have come in to school today and all the children are talking about their day with you. They are enthused and motivated and want to write poems - particularly the boys.”

Marion Banner, Literacy Co-ordinator, Langney Primary School, Eastbourne

“Brian’s visit to Langney Primary was a great success. The children, both infants and juniors, were thoroughly enthralled and enthused by his performance. He had them all in ‘the palm of his hand’ for an hour of percussion and poetry.”

(Latymer Prep parent, London)

“I came to pick up my son Thor from Latymer the other day and I asked him so was he fun this Brian Moses guy? My son said, ‘No he was more like totally awesome.’ - so there you have it!”

Vicky Deadman, Castlewood School

“As a staff, we thought your performance session was fantastic - every one of the children was captured and that was an amazing opportunity for us to see (we were also very captured and inspired by what you do.”)

(Martyn Lightwood, Headteacher, Shrewsbury)

“Brian’s visit had an amazing impact in school.”

(Jersey Headteacher)

“A legend in the land of literacy.”

(Jacqueline Wilson)

“I have seen Brian Moses perform his poetry and percussion show on two occasions and I think he’s wonderful.”